Nashville CARES offices at 633 Thompson Lane are currently closed for remodeling. All services are being provided at 442 Metroplex Drive Building D. You may also reach us at 1-800-845-4266

An Initiative Of
An Initiative Of

What is My House?

My House is a diverse drop-in center delivering essential health and support for today’s ever-changing needs of Same Gender Loving (SGL) males.

Our vision brings love, compassion, and support for the same-gender-loving male community to become self-sufficient by prioritizing health, wellness, and a sense of individual value.

  • MY HOUSE is the most affordable and accessible place in Middle Tennessee for PEP and PrEP needs.
  • MY HOUSE is a safe space where same-gender-loving males of color can build community.
  • MY HOUSE serves as a guide on the journey to your best health and wellness.
PrEP Clinic in Nashville, TN that is affordable and diverse