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HIV Care

A new diagnosis of HIV is overwhelming. For those diagnosed with HIV in the past but not currently in care, it is vital that you re-engage in care. Navigating the healthcare system and insurance increases feelings of anxiety around your diagnosis. We’ll help you navigate the services and programs available to ensure you’re getting the care and support you need and deserve.

We know that being fully engaged in your own care often depends on feeling knowledgeable, equipped and supported. We’ll work with you to make sure you understand your HIV diagnosis. We will discuss HIV transmission, laboratory tests to track progress, choosing and managing of HIV medications, and expected frequency of medical appointments.

We will work with you to identify additional needs you may have such as mental health services, housing assistance, transportation and food programs.

The Nashville CARES Clinic at My House prides itself on being a safe, welcoming, and affirming space. We hope to be valuable members of your support system. We want you to be connected and engaged.

HIV and PrEP services are free to patients.