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An Initiative Of
An Initiative Of


HealthyU (Healthy University) consists of educational programs and social groups for people living with HIV/AIDS. These programs give you an opportunity to get HIV education, develop healthy life skills and create a supportive bond with others.

Express Yourself: Opening Pandora’s Box (For those who identify as Male Only)

Express Yourself is a welcoming and open vibe session for men of all walks of life to present individual poetry and spoken word or to simply observe the expressive nature of others. This group session serves to take a shot at the walls of toxic masculinity, as well as manifest the emotions, suppressed thoughts, and multiple views of men using the power of articulation in a supportive environment. The base topic will change with each session and the opening session will be an introduction to the experience ending with an exchange of thoughts on the works presented. Contact Darrell at HealthyU (615) 259-4866 X 233. Weekly virtual meetings on Tuesday @ 5-6PM.

M.A.L.E.S. – Men Advocating Life Education Support

Every Monday that Nashville CARES is open, we will have a Men's Group. The only requirements to attend are to be HIV + and identify as male. Dinner will be provided. We discuss issues of HIV and anything that is going on in the lives of the attendees. We are lovers, fathers, sons, husbands, co-workers, friends, etc. We talk about all of those relationships, our lives, politics, social media, love, etc. Come out and enjoy a meal. Have a good talk. Meet some new guys. Without you, there is no group! Weekly virtual meetings on Mondays from 5-6PM. Contact Lamont at 615-906-2706 if interested.

Women’s Group - S.W.E.E.T.

A group designed specifically for HIV+ women with a focus on providing social support and education for women living with HIV. This group provides a safe space that affirms and celebrates who we are as women and is ideal for women looking for a way to be connected with others living with HIV but unsure of where to start. Discussions are confidential. Meal provided. Contact Temya at (615) 259- 4866 ext. 330. Virtual Meetings on the 4th Thursday of each month @1-2pm.v

Spiritual Connection

This is a group designed to promote hope and healing for people living with HIV, and their family/friends. Spiritual Connection assists in preventing many physical, mental and spiritual challenges leading to non-adherence to medication, depression, issues with forgiveness, stress from stigma and many other barriers that lead to unsuccessful decision-making and negative life events. We want to accentuate the healing and empowerment of each person as well as provide tools to live successfully with HIV. This group is focused on a broad set of principles that transcends all religions. Contact Temya (615) 259-4866 ext. 330. Registration not required, but RSVP is appreciated. Please review the calendar to confirm meeting type (in person or virtual). Virtual Meetings Occurring the 2nd Tuesday of each month @ 1-2PM.

Silver Strong

A group for HIV+ people aged 50 and older. A supportive forum to talk about aging and HIV. Bring your life experiences and your questions. We’ll discuss health issues older adults with HIV face, learn effective ways to deal with stigma, educate family and friends, and talk about dating and relationships. Virtual Meetings occurring the 4th Tuesday of each month. Contact Temya at (615) 259-4866 ext. 330.


In partnership with various Nashville pharmacies, CARES provides opportunities each month for clients to talk with a trained pharmacist about their medications, HIV care, and other pharmacy-related topics. Virtual Meetings occurring quarterly! We also have a library of virtual information. Please contact the HealthyU Staff if interested in receiving videos to view electronically! 615-259-4866 ext. 270.

Peer Check-in

Every month on the 1st Friday (Except January) Nashville CARES is open, we will have Peer Check-in. The only requirements to attend are to be HIV + We discuss issues of HIV and anything that is going on in the lives of the attendees. We are individuals usually living in many spaces with many hats. We talk about all of our relationships (share as much or as little as you want or nothing at all), our lives, politics, social media, love, etc. Come out and enjoy the fellowship and a lunch voucher (must attend for the entire session). Have a good talk. Meet some new folks. Check-in! Contact Temya at (615) 259-4866 ext. 330 or Darrell x233. Virtual Session on the 4th or 5th Friday of the month!

Healthy Relationships

This is a 5-session program designed to teach problem-solving and decision-making skills in order to reduce stress around disclosure. Each two-hour session uses a mixture of teaching, group discussion, and movie clips to make things fun and engaging! A meal is provided for each session and participants who complete all 5 sessions receive a valuable gift card! Contact Darrell (615) 259-4866 ext. 233 or Temya at ext 330. Registration and Assessment REQUIRED. Meetings are Virtual Thursday @ 1-2pm or every other month on Thursday from 6-7pm.

E.P.I.C. Training (Empowering Positive Influence in Communities)

At EPIC, we strive to empower People Living With HIV with the tools, knowledge, and skills to become influential in their communities by being leaders, members, and mentors. In our small group atmosphere. We talk about ways we can improve and inspire change starting from the local level and building upward. Our goal is to be champion representatives of our prestigious perspective by being informed, committed, and present. At EPIC, we understand living with HIV.” The only requirement is that participants must be PLWH. Meetings are Bi-Weekly meeting virtually with Shawn Mark on Tuesday’s at 12 Noon. Contact Shawn at 629-401-8331.

TSU-Partnership Nutrition and Budgeting Curriculum

Every Monday, Nashville CARES is partnering with TSU Cooperative Education to bring you the class Shop, Cook, and Eat within your Budget. Get the most for your food budget without hurting your wallet! There are many ways to save money on the foods that you eat. The three main steps are planning before you shop, purchasing the items at the best price, and preparing meals that stretch your food dollars. You will get top tips to help you SHOP, COOK, and EAT within your Budget. Contact Temya at (615) 259-4866 ext. 330. Participants receive kitchen supplies after completing the class. A meal voucher may be offered. Virtual Meeting started March 21, 2022.


A plan you develop to help achieve a healthier you. Your plan will provide the tools to develop a HealthyU. What are your strengths? What are your resources? Are you STRONG? Ask for HealthyU staff to get your plan started today! Be a stronger you and recognize your own strength! Virtual appointments occurring!

S.E.T. (Support, Encourage, Trust) Group Meeting

The S.E.T. Project will improve linkage and retention to care focusing on women breaking down the isolation and stigma of living with HIV. The programs include biweekly calls with Peers in the network, and monthly meetings to develop peer mentoring and accountability. The S.E.T. Project includes bi-monthly social engagement with women in the program to build community and sisterhood. Virtual Meetings Occurring 1st Friday of every month @ 1-2PM Contact Dr. Tiye at 615-428-4401.


StartHere is a 90-minute course designed to provide participants with the basics they need to know to understand and live with HIV, regardless of whether they are infected or affected. Registration REQUIRED. Family, friends, and partners are invited to share in this workshop with you. Virtual Meetings Occurring! Contact Shawn at 629-401-8331.

Living Well with Chronic Diseases for 50+

This course is facilitated by TSU Extension program. You will get the support you need and learn practical ways to deal with pain and fatigue. You will discover better nutrition and exercise choices, gain a better understanding of treatment options, and learn better ways to talk with your health care provider and family about health issues. Contact Temya at (615) 259-4866 ext. 330