Nashville CARES offices at 633 Thompson Lane are currently closed for remodeling. All services are being provided at 442 Metroplex Drive Building D. You may also reach us at 1-800-845-4266

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STI / STD Testing

The Nashville CARES Clinic at My House prides itself on being a safe, affirming, and inclusive sexual health clinic. Regular STI testing can play an important role in helping a person stay healthy when they are sexually active.

We currently offer testing for the following sexually transmitted infections:

• Gonorrhea
• Chlamydia
• Trichomonas
• Herpes
• Syphilis
• Hepatitis B and C

Treatment or appropriate connection to care will be provided for all positive results.

To schedule an appointment with our clinic, please call 615-499-7406. We look forward to taking care of you!

STD testing in Nashville, TN