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STI / STD Testing

Regular STI testing can play an important role in helping a person stay healthy when they are sexually active. At Nashville CARES Clinic testing is available to check for a large range of STIs, including:
• chlamydia- Urine and/or vaginal swab test
• hepatitis- Blood sample test
• herpes-Swab of blister/sore test
• syphilis- Blood sample test
• gonorrhea- Urine and/or throat/rectal/cervical swab
• HIV- Blood sample test or oral swab

Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) primarily transmit through sexual contact. A person can contract them through anal, vaginal, oral, or manual sexual intercourse. STI testing can help a person find out if they have an infection and if that infection has resulted into a sexually transmitted disease (STD). Many infections require treatment to either cure the infection or help prevent the condition from worsening or recurring. Treatment or appropriate connection to care is provided for all positive results.

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