Nashville CARES offices at 633 Thompson Lane are currently closed for remodeling. All services are being provided at 442 Metroplex Drive Building D. You may also reach us at 1-800-845-4266

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Nutrition & Transportation

Clients living with HIV are able to receive a variety of nutritional support services. CARES provides fresh produce and shelf-stable foods to any client in need once a month. Client who would like to choose what comes in their food bags are able to attend Choice Pantry and select items from a menu to fit their individual needs and preferences. CARES also provides food support to clients who are unhoused or who live in situations where cooking is not an accessible option. There is also an emergency food pantry for those clients who have a need beyond the typical assistance provided each month.

CARES offers several transportation assistance options to clients living with HIV. Clients living in Davidson Co and Montgomery Co are able to access bus passes through the agency to meet their transportation needs, ensuring they can attend medical appointments and get to the pharmacy to pick up their meds. CARES also provides assistance throughout the region with rideshare programs to help clients without other access get to their medical appointments and to the pharmacy. CARES also operates a gas card program to assist clients throughout the region with the cost of gas to access their medical care.

To access nutrition and transportation services contact your case manger by calling them directly or by calling the HEARTLine at 1-800-845-4266.