Steve Smith Society

In 1979, Steve Smith and his partner Michael Smith opened Warehouse 28 on Franklin Rd. This place served as an LGBT community participation center and as a much-needed social support and sanctuary in Nashville. During the early 1980’s, Steve and Michael gathered a small group of community leaders and health professionals to address what could be done locally about the disease that would later become known as AIDS.

In 1985, Steve and Michael along with Thom Carpenter, Bob Keller, Tommy Powell and many others worked to put together a network of volunteers that would care for those living with HIV/AIDS. That network is now known as Nashville CARES. Warehouse 28 became an important part of the Nashville CARES story.

Steve and Michael gave sacrificially to support the needs of Nashville CARES, including forgoing a vacation to make sure expenses were covered for the organization. In 1995, Steve passed away and Nashville CARES established the Steve Smith Society in his memory to honor people, like Steve and Michael, who have given so much to Nashville CARES.

You can be a part of the legacy of the Steve Smith Society by supporting the work of Nashville CARES with your annual gift of $1,000 a year. It’s easy if you sign up with a monthly giving plan. By donating $83.34 a month, you can insure that you continue to support the work of Nashville CARES.

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