Although we have made dramatic progress in prevention and treatment for HIV/ AIDS, HIV is still an epidemic. The CDC estimates that 1.2 million people in the United States are living with HIV, and one in seven is unaware of their infection.

According to the Southern AIDS Strategy Initiative, Tennessee ranks tenth in the country in the rate of new HIV/ AIDS diagnoses. Our state ranks eighth in the rate of AIDS-related deaths. While HIV is predominantly an urban disease, people have been diagnosed in every Tennessee county.


Nashville CARESĀ is dedicated to ending the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Middle Tennessee. With your help, Nashville CARES offers services annually to 70,000 Middle Tennesseans infected and affected by HIV/AIDS, including HIV prevention education to more than 53,000 youth and adults; almost 11,000 confidential HIV tests; and essential support services to 3,000 men, women and children living with the disease.


Considering the advances in HIV prevention and treatment, Nashville CARES revised our five-year strategic plan in 2014. This plan lays out the path toward realization of an AIDS free generation, It is the true culmination of 18 months of dialogue and thought about why and how CARES does its work. It is both a product of and agent for a new culture of service at Nashville CARES that seeks to change the paradign for our community response to HIV/AIDS in Middle Tennessee.

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