Nashville CARES CEO Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Nashville, Tenn. – Nashville CARES is pleased to announce that Nashville CARES CEO, Joseph Interrante is one of three recipients of the Linda Christie and William F. Moynihan Lifetime Achievement Award. The awards ceremony will take place on Tuesday, March 26, 2019.


Linda and Bill Moynihan spent decades in dedicated service and advocacy for the most vulnerable Tennesseans. Both Linda and Bill spent their careers in the helping profession, showing their passion and commitment to ensuring equity and access to services to all communities in need. Each respectively serving in leadership at Tennessee Conference on Social Welfare (TCSW).

Founded in 1913, the Tennessee Conference on Social Welfare is a statewide, private, and nonprofit agency, with the mission to be the preeminent catalyst for creating and fostering broad-based networks, connecting community stakeholders and policymakers for a better Tennessee.

The Linda Christie and William F. Moynihan Lifetime Achievement Award is given to those who have exemplified the same dedication and commitment to service across the state of Tennessee.

“We chose Joseph Interrante, Jaynee Day (Second Harvest Food Bank) and Janet Jernigan (Fifty Forward) because all three are retiring this year and each has served in their respective roles for more than 25 years,” said Paula D. Foster, Executive Director of TCSW. “The organizations they have led have grown under their leadership exponentially and the impact on the communities they serve has been extraordinary.

“Joseph’s leadership around the expansion of Ryan White funding and the creation of the grant planning council 10 years ago resulted in a dramatic increase in dollars for services to people living with HIV/AIDS in Middle Tennessee,” Foster continued. “Nashville CARES’ constant focus on quality services and program innovation has positively impacted the lives of those they serve. Joseph’s legacy will continue to be apparent as CARES provides services to their clients that improve their quality of life.”