Behavioral Health


Nashville CARES is licensed to provide counseling by the Tennessee Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services. Counseling services are confidential, tailored to individual needs and offered regardless of HIV status or ability to pay. The goal of counseling is to provide a safe, supportive environment where you can discuss issues openly, gain insight, identify resources, and lay foundations for ongoing success.


Counseling services at Nashville CARES are offered to people from all walks of life living with, affected by, or at high-risk of HIV infection and cover a wide variety of emotional, relational, behavioral, and/or spiritual concerns. While HIV does not have to be the primary focus of counseling, our staff will help you connect your counseling goals to the indirect impact on HIV health and/or overall wellness.


Nashville CARES now offers psychiatric medication consultation to our community. This service is for anyone who wants to learn more about the benefits and/or risks of taking psychotropic medications as a strategy for dealing with particular issues, such as depression or anxiety. Medical consultants may also directly evaluate for and monitor psychotropic medication use and effects.

Please consult with your current mental health provider or call 1-800-845-4266 and ask to speak with the Wellness Advocate to get more information about psychiatric medication consultation.


While Nashville CARES provides a comprehensive array of services, we recognize that some of our clients may require additional assistance. The circumstances in which we typically provide referrals are: psychological evaluation, inpatient/intensive outpatient substance abuse treatment, court-ordered treatment, domestic violence/sexual assault counseling, child/adolescent counseling, and mental health case management.

Please consult with your current provider or call 1-800-845-4266 and ask to speak with the Wellness Advocate to get more information about referrals.


Nashville CARES is fortunate to have a staff of well-trained, multi-disciplinary social services professionals. Likewise, our model of community care relies upon our partners to be similarly equipped with current and relevant information for quality service delivery. To maintain this standard of excellence, Nashville CARES provides regular continuing education programs for social services professionals within our community—including counselors, social workers and educators.

*We are currently NOT accepting any social work internships.