Central Tennessee Professional Florists’ Association Raises $3,784 for Nashville CARES

The Central Tennessee Professional Florists’ Association (CTPFA) presented Nashville CARES with a contribution of $3,784. The funds will help Nashville CARES provide direct assistance for client’s emergency needs.

The funds were raised during a silent auction at CTPFA’s annual convention, which was held in conjunction with the Tennessee State Florists’ Association (TSFA). The gift is notable for its generosity because it represents the flostists’ commitment to fighting HIV/AIDS.

That commitment began in 1995 when the statewide association wished to honor members who died of AIDS and to help others affected by it. The regional association soon joined in, and through their combined efforts the CTPFA and TSFA have contributed nearly $73,000 to Nashville CARES over the years. 

The florists donated a gorgeous array of auction prizes, including tickets to cultural events, coffee-table books, celebrity memorabilia and more for the silent auction. 


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